Surf’s Up

We’ve been away up in the north west of WA for the last few weeks, so apologies for no posts. It was a welcome sight to see Mainbreak on our return. Conditions came together to produce some pretty good surf. Light off-shore winds lost a bit of their northerly sickness by mid morning and turned almost straight east for a while. Combined with a good sized westerly swell and a clear sunny day we saw a lot of spots that like some size really start to fire. I heard a few of the locals explaining swell direction to a tourist. They estimated the swell was about six to eight foot and that the straight westerly direction was making it look larger than it was. We’re not about to comment on that… but can say a couple of monster sets came through that took everyone by surprise and resulted in a broken board or two. The surf has been hit and miss over the last few months – more miss than hit (so we’ve been told) as the west coast has been battered by some serious cold fronts. A lot of beach sand has washed away and that was certainly evident at Surfer’s Point where large swells have reached up to and beyond the base of the sand dunes. Hopefully you managed to make the most of this window today as the good conditions are not expected to continue with rain and more cold fronts due this week. Our favourite photo of the day not featured here appears on FB at 5pm, along with a few others on insta @surfingmr. We’re all about promoting this region and its amazing photographers so remember to send in your fav pics to in the highest res you can – and we’ll feature them on here with due credit to you, when we can. You can buy our book online via this site, yours for $40 with FREE postage if you’re in Aus. Our thoughts are with our eastern states counterparts who are right in the midst of COVID outbreaks, particularly in Victoria. Stay safe everyone, wherever you are.

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