8 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait To Get Back To The Mountains This Winter

Remember holidays on snow? They were fun, weren’t they? This upcoming season, they’re set to return and we’re pretty excited about it. We’ve teamed up with Crystal Ski Holidays to get the hype train rolling

Let’s be real for a second. We’re all absolutely sick of not getting our shred on, aren’t we?. Last season was a write off, the season before it was (mostly) a write off, and it’s just been too long, far too long in fact, since any of us clipped in and slid about on some of mother nature’s white and powdery goodness. This season however, that looks set to change. The ski / snowboard trip is making a big old comeback and, honestly, we couldn’t be more stoked if we turned off the M6 at either junction 15 or 16 and drove down the A500 for a bit (look it up on a map).

To get you hyped on the upcoming ski season, we’ve teamed up with Crystal Ski Holidays to bring you a list of reasons why we’re buzzing to get back amongst it in the high places of the world. Brace yourself. It’s about to get deeply relatable. These are some of the things we’ve missed the most about ski trips

Chairlift Chats

Chairlift chats are pretty much like regular chats but also, in another sense, they’re different in every conceivable way. Firstly, that scenery. You’re not getting that on a park bench at home are you? One minute you’re stuck in the queue, discovering in real-time just how much secondary school French you’ve forgotten, the next… you’re floating high above the slopes soaking up those jaw-dropping mountain vistas that’ll be imprinted on your mind’s eye until the day you die.

Then there’s the chats themselves. The reminiscing over last night’s après shenanigans, the “Duuuuude. Are you going to send it this time or what?” bravado, the nostalgic look backs on previous ski trip hilarity; it’s all gold, solid gold. That random middle-aged guy, with the jacket from 1982, sat awkwardly between you? He’s the icing on the cake, the filling in the sandwich, the pièce de résistance.

Bluebird Days

Sliding down the mountain with nothing but true blue above your head is the one, isn’t it? That contrast between the white snow and the ocean in the sky, the sun so close you feel like you could reach out and pluck it from above like a hot grape, the endless opportunities for panoramic photos; yes, bluebird days are a special kind of magic. We can’t wait to experience them all over again.

Fresh Corduroy

At one stage during the long, arduous, months of lockdown a member of our team (who shall remain anonymous) took to switching his phone into incognito mode and googling ‘corduoroy snow’ when no one was around. And, quite frankly, who can blame them? There’s nothing on earth quite like setting your eyes on an uninterrupted piste right after the resort machines have done their thing. Hang close ups of ‘the cord’ in all the art museums already. That distinct pattern winding its way down a mountain slope really is one of the most beautiful sights on earth. A blank canvas yet to be painted on, fresh corduroy speaks of potential, untapped opportunity, and memories yet to be made. It’s class.

First Lifts

Despite the hangover, despite the ludicrously early wake-up call, you’ve done it. You’ve made it out the door of your chalet. The sun hasn’t even popped its head over the nearest mountain yet but you, you legend, are already making your way to the gondola in town. You’re going to be front of the queue, the first in line, the person who makes that first sweeping turn in the beautiful fresh cord (see above).

Getting to the top of that very first lift and feeling like the mountain is your very own personal playground to be explored, and to be enjoyed to its fullest, is one of the most exciting experiences you can have on a ski trip. It’s a moment well worth getting out of bed for.

Ski School Stories

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, learning the ropes, or an intermediate trying to take the next step on your journey to mastering your chosen snow sport there’s something fun about getting to the end of the day and reflecting on the highs and lows of your education. Sure, that high-speed collision with your friend might have hurt a bit but it also was, in hindsight, a perfect moment of slapstick with all the comedic ingredients required to make it a spaghetti lol-ognese.

Maybe you treated yourself to a freestyle lesson, maybe you managed to get two inches of air and landed that safely without injuring yourself. Or maybe you accidentally slid into a ski school made up entirely of tiny French children, and maybe one of the tiny French shredders came up to you afterwards and clipped you round the ear for it and you just had to sit there and say “Yeah, fair play. I deserved that.”

Wherever you are on the skiing / snowboarding talent spectrum, ski school stories are a fundamental part of the ski holiday experience. You’re never too old to learn.

The Food

Food just tastes better in the mountains. Don’t @ us.

The Snow

Obviously we get snow here in the UK but it’s never quite the same, is it? If it even settles at all, it’s more often than not incredibly slushy after a solitary morning of mucking about and isn’t usually anything to write home about. You might get lucky in the Scottish ski resorts or up on the higher reaches of the Lake District, of course, but most of the time… snow in the British Isles is pretty pants.

The kind of snow you get on holiday though? Boy, that’s a whole different kettle of fish. Snow on holiday is extra special, snow on holiday is fun for days on end, snow on holiday makes you want to dive headfirst and roll about on the floor like a dog with an itch. There really is no business like holiday snow business.

The Après

In the same way that we all missed the pub during lockdown, we’ve all missed the vibe of the après ski haven’t we? That get together with friends at the end of the day, that first pint, that first moment of tears-in-your-eyes laughter; we don’t mean to get too real with you all but there is something special about it.

Whether you’re all about tying one on, and cutting loose on the floor with your… err… ‘moves’, or keeping it casual in a quieter, more out of the way, establishment, the feel good après times are all set to return. Speaking of non-skiing activities btw, quick shoutout for all those fun activities that elevate the ski trip experience in their own way. The sledding, the cheeky visit to the spa (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it), the snowmobiling; enjoyable stuff like that. Are you buzzing yet? We’re buzzing.


With Crystal Ski Holidays, there’s a choice of over 100 resorts and more than 15 UK airports. There’s also three easy ways to book – online, via phone, or in one of their hubs. All of their holidays include flights, transfers and accommodation as standard. You can add lift passes, equipment hire, and ski school booking so everything’s ready for when you arrive. 

Throughout your experience with Crystal Ski Holidays you’ll get expert service every step of the way (this lot know what they’re doing, and take the faff out of the equation). You can download the free Ski Explorer app to get up-to-date snow reports, resort info and more.

Travel’s naturally all a bit uncertain at the moment but you can rest assured that Crystal Ski Holidays serve up ABTA & ATOL protected ski packages. They’re also promising COVID-19 flexibility, fee-free changes and package refund guarantee.

Head to the Crystal Ski Holidays website for more information on the Crystal Holiday Promise

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