Plenty of Options

The weekend forecast looked good and it didn’t disappoint. Saturday had smaller swell but a thumping off-shore. Protected spots were the pick. The swell started to pick up slightly on Saturday night, so expectations were high Sunday was going to be good, especially given the forecast of a morning high tide and pretty much no wind. We chose to take a look at a favourite beachie that needs a bit of swell to work well and can also handle slight north in the wind if necessary. When we arrived early the wind and tide were perfect, and we got some clear skies and warmth in the sun too. But the swell was smaller than expected. We hung around as well.. why not? Fortunately we did as the wind was pretty much non existent and the swell started to pick up. We had a few hours of uncrowded perfectly formed lefts and rights. Not all time by any standards but no complaints from us. We stopped by a few other breaks on the way home and they were all pumping – obviously punters were spoilt for choice today with all spots looking the goods. Send in any of your favourite pics to us here and we’ll do our best to get ém up for you. Find our favourite photo from today on Facebook at 5pm, and of course we’ll throw a few up on inst as well. Most small businesses in the south west and indeed most of the country are still doing it very tough, so try to support them as much as you can. Buy local, travel in WA, spend what you can and stay safe.

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