Goggles For Doctors UK | Here’s How To Donate Your Goggles To The NHS

Frontline medical workers, battling the global pandemic, need your goggles asap

It’s easy, in a time of great uncertainty like the one we’re living through right now, to feel a bit helpless; to feel like we’re all just lumps of meat hiding away, and doing nothing to help the cause. Putting to one side the fact that by staying at home you are literally doing your part to stop the spread of global pandemic and, in doing so, save human lives, there are other ways you can help – especially if, like many of the ski and snowboard obsessives who follow us on Mpora, you’ve got more goggles than you know what to do with.

Following the success of a grassroots American set-up known as Goggles For Docs, which has been helping to get donated ski goggles to frontline medical staff battling COVID-19, we can now confirm there is a UK version of the project called, you guessed it, Goggles For Docs UK. They have a Goggles For Docs UK website, and also an Instagram (@GogglesForDocsUK).

If you are interested in being a part of this, the website mentioned above has all the information you need on how to donate your goggles to the NHS for temporary PPE until they can get the official eye protection they need.

Also, and not that it needs to be said, you don’t have to be a skier or a snowboarder to get involved with this. Mountain bikers of the world, if you’ve got some goggles at hand, please feel free to get involved. You’ll be helping to protect our health service heroes while they fight this invisible enemy.

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